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Adam Ross
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through When in Rome.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Roddy call his ex-wife after learning about Mike's cousin in "The Rest of It"?
(a) Because she is a lawyer.
(b) Because she works for human services.
(c) Because she always helps him.
(d) Because she is a detective.

2. Why does Marnie Kastopolis give David Appelow a key to her apartment?
(a) To feed her cat.
(b) To let her son in.
(c) To water her plants.
(d) In case of emergencies.

3. How old is David Applelow in "Futures"?
(a) Late 50s.
(b) Early 40s.
(c) Late 40s.
(d) Early 50s.

4. Why does Nicholas say Lisa called him "out of the blue" in "In the Basement"?
(a) For advice on breeding dogs.
(b) For advice on training a dog.
(c) For advice on buying a dog.
(d) For advice on feeding dogs.

5. What does Mike claimed happened to all the animals on the rich woman's island in "The Rest of It"?
(a) They were eaten by the rich woman's dog.
(b) They were eaten by the rich woman.
(c) They died of starvation.
(d) They were hunted.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of "The Rest of It," what does Mike tell Roddy he once did on a boat?

2. In "In the Basement," what does Nicholas say about his unborn child's gender?

3. How does Roddy feel when he returns to work on Monday in "The Rest of It"?

4. In "In the Basement," how does the narrator feel about Maria taking Nicholas back?

5. How does Roddy know about Mike's cousin before Mike tells him in "The Rest of It"?

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