Ladies and Gentlemen Fun Activities

Adam Ross
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Story Mash Up

Rewrite a story in this collection that combines two stories in some way. Have the characters from different stories meet each other, or change the setting of one to the setting of another.

One-Act Play

Change a story in this collection to a one-act play.

Sound Track

Create a sound track for this book. Choose one song to represent each story. Write a brief explanation for why you chose the songs you did.


Choose two characters from different stories and write a set of letters back and forth between them. What would they say to each other? What advice would they give?


Create a 3-D diorama depicting a favorite scene from a story.

New Cover

Design a new cover for this book that best captures the overall theme of the collection.

New Titles

Rename the titles of at least 5 of the stories in...

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