Ladies and Gentlemen Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Adam Ross
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• In "Futures," David Appelow is a recently unemployed man in his early 40s .

• David begins interviewing for a vague, but high paying job. He never is able to get a solid description of the job during his three interviews.

• David forms a weak friendship with his neighbor's son, Zach, a boy who is aimless and slightly self-destructive.

• David lets Zach stay with him when his mother kicks him out. Zach even goes with David to apply for jobs.

• David learns that the job for which he has been interviewing is a hoax set up by a reality television show.

• Zach steals all the of the money David had left in his apartment.

The Rest of It

• In "The Rest of It," Roddy is a recently divorced professor who still constantly thinks of his wife.

• Mike, who often cleans Roddy's office, shares stories of his dangerous and risky...

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