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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Karen Garcia buried?
(a) Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
(b) Parker Center.
(c) Disneyland.
(d) Lake Hollywood.

2. Who comes to Cole's house unexpectedly?
(a) Joe Pike.
(b) Wozniak.
(c) Frank Garcia.
(d) Krantz.

3. Who does Cole look for after the autopsy?
(a) Edward Deege.
(b) Harvey Krantz.
(c) Joe Pike.
(d) Eugene Dersh.

4. What does Cole learn about Buzz Cut?
(a) He works with the FBI.
(b) He does not know what he is doing.
(c) He is a police informant.
(d) He hates Krantz.

5. To what does Cole compare the group of people watching Karen's funeral?
(a) A business meeting.
(b) A firing squad.
(c) The media.
(d) Soldiers.

6. Where does Karen Garcia live?
(a) Silver Lake.
(b) Beverly Hills.
(c) Lake Hollywood.
(d) San Francisco.

7. To what does Dolan compare Cole?
(a) A killer.
(b) A roach.
(c) A mouse.
(d) A fly.

8. Who is responsible for Cole while he is at the Parker Center?
(a) Joe Pike.
(b) Samantha Dolan.
(c) Harvey Krantz.
(d) Frank Garcia.

9. What did someone call Pike when he walks into the Parker Center?
(a) Long-lost relative.
(b) Cop lover.
(c) Cop killer.
(d) Best friend.

10. What does Cole notice about his surprise visitor in Chapter 18?
(a) The visitor is the killer.
(b) The visitor is hungry.
(c) The visitor is drunk.
(d) The visitor is homeless.

11. What type of relationship do Riley and Eugene have?
(a) Lovers.
(b) Co-workers.
(c) Relatives.
(d) Classmates.

12. Who takes credit for the evidence discovered on the second day of investigation?
(a) John Chen.
(b) Elvis Cole.
(c) Harvey Krantz.
(d) Joe Pike.

13. Where was Krantz's previous job?
(a) Internal Affairs Group.
(b) FBI.
(c) Bank security.
(d) Street cop.

14. What does Chen's crime scene visitor point out to him at the crime scene?
(a) The getaway car.
(b) The gun.
(c) The body.
(d) The bullet casing.

15. Who takes Cole and Pike off of the Karen Garcia case?
(a) Frank Garcia.
(b) Councilman Maldenado.
(c) Samantha Dolan.
(d) Harvey Krantz.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cole do to the car Dolan is driving?

2. Who is Elvis Cole?

3. What does the killer inject into his body?

4. What do the police deny Cole?

5. How do the police determine the suspect in Karen Garcia's death?

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