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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the police determine the suspect in Karen Garcia's death?
(a) The person had the murder weapon.
(b) The person admitted it.
(c) The person was in love with Karen.
(d) The person fits the profile.

2. How does Cole get to see the person that refuses to see the media?
(a) He has a warrant.
(b) He breaks into the office.
(c) He is working for the family.
(d) He asks Eugene Dersh to get him in.

3. Who follows Pike to the family day picnic?
(a) FBI.
(b) Internal Affairs.
(c) CIA.
(d) Private investigators.

4. Who visited Gene Dersh?
(a) Harvey Krantz.
(b) TV reporters.
(c) Frank Garcia.
(d) Joe Pike.

5. Who were the letters to Karen from?
(a) Pike.
(b) Her penpal.
(c) Cole.
(d) Her father.

6. What does Cole find in Karen's drawers?
(a) A telephone.
(b) Psychology books.
(c) A Rolodex.
(d) An answering machine.

7. Who is the man on the street listening to?
(a) Dixie Chicks.
(b) Dave Matthews.
(c) Michael Jackson.
(d) Coldplay.

8. What does Lucy offer the visitor in Chapter 18?
(a) To stay for dinner.
(b) To serve as legal counsel.
(c) Another drink.
(d) To help free Dersh.

9. Who do Cole, Pike, and Dolan go see in Chapter 15?
(a) Harvey Krantz.
(b) Buzz Cut.
(c) Frank Garcia.
(d) Eugene Dersh.

10. Who does Frank blame for his daughter's death?
(a) Joe.
(b) Mrs. Acuna.
(c) Karen.
(d) The police.

11. Where is Cole supposed to meet Rusty's cousin, Jerry?
(a) FBI headquarters.
(b) Tara's Coffee Bar.
(c) Parker Center.
(d) The smoothie shop.

12. What does Dolan want to look at in Frank Garcia's house?
(a) The housekeeper's room.
(b) Karen's room.
(c) Frank's room.
(d) The backyard.

13. What does Jerry say the medical examiner thinks was in Karen's wound?
(a) Bleach.
(b) Ink.
(c) A bullet.
(d) Water.

14. Who does Cole try to get information from at Parker Center?
(a) Harvey Krantz.
(b) Samantha Dolan.
(c) Buzz Cut.
(d) Curtis Wood.

15. To what does Dolan compare Cole?
(a) A roach.
(b) A killer.
(c) A mouse.
(d) A fly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cole try to fix at his house?

2. What does Cole show Dolan he has learned when he confronts her in her car outside of Parker Center?

3. What does Dolan call Krantz?

4. Where is Karen's body found?

5. What does Dolan ask Cole for help with?

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