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Robert Crais
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the police determine the suspect in Karen Garcia's death?
(a) The person was in love with Karen.
(b) The person admitted it.
(c) The person had the murder weapon.
(d) The person fits the profile.

2. To what does Cole compare the group of people watching Karen's funeral?
(a) A business meeting.
(b) The media.
(c) A firing squad.
(d) Soldiers.

3. Who was the Internal Affairs officer on Wozniak's case?
(a) Elvis Cole.
(b) Harvey Krantz.
(c) Joe Pike.
(d) Buzz Cut.

4. Who shoots Laurence Sobek?
(a) Williams.
(b) Cole.
(c) Krantz.
(d) Pike.

5. Who is John Chen?
(a) A coroner.
(b) A private investigator.
(c) A junior criminalist.
(d) A police officer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sport does Lucy play?

2. What file is missing from the records department?

3. Where was Krantz's previous job?

4. What was Karen doing when she met Joe Pike?

5. Who does Cole call after he gets out of Dolan's car?

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