L.A. Requiem Fun Activities

Robert Crais
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Create a missing persons report

Frank Garcia is upset because the police will not look for his daughter, Karen, since she has not been "missing" for very long. Create a missing persons report that Frank Garcia could file for Karen. Include pertinent information about her appearance, her last-known whereabouts and other relevant information that would help police find Karen.

Design an ad for Cole and Pike's agency

Design a newspaper ad for Cole and Pike's private investigator firm. Include information on their backgrounds, services, etc. The ad can be in color or black and white.

Create a new cover image

While the covers of different versions of L.A. Requiem differ, most include an image of the city of Los Angeles. Based on the book's plot, create a new cover image that depicts the story accurately without giving too much of the plot away to the reader.

Build a diorama of the crime scene

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