L.A. Requiem Character Descriptions

Robert Crais
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Elvis Cole

This private detective is driven to find the truth about Karen Garcia's murder.

Joe Pike

This former police officer-turned private detective has a quiet demeanor.

Samantha Dolan

This character helps solve Karen Garcia's case from within the Robbery-Homicide unit.

Harvey Krantz

This character is driven by the desire to succeed professionally, no matter the cost.

Abel Wozniak

This police officer commits suicide because of the character's involvement in illegal dealings.

Paulette Wozniak, Evelyn Wozniak

These characters know the truth about the death of a police officer.

Lennie DeVille

This character is a pedophile.

Laurence Sobek/Curtis Wood

This character is a serial killer trying to frame an innocent person.

Lucy Chenier and Ben Chenier

These characters relocate from Louisiana to Los Angeles.

Edward Deege

This character is a vagrant who witnesses the killer's car approach Karen Garcia.

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