La Invención de Morel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Casares' upbringing.

Casares was born in 1914 in Buenos Aires in Argentina into a wealthy family. His father descended from France and his mother's family owned the largest dairy chain in the country. It is through his mother that Casares meets the writer Ocampos and then finally his literary mentor Luis Borges.

2. What is Casares' relationship with Borges?

Borges is Casares' literary mentor and lifelong friend. They both share a love for adventure stories and particularly the stories of Chesterton and Stevenson. It is Borges who encourages the young Casares to move towards a more classical prose style.

3. How is The Invention of Morel different from Casares' early novels?

Casares' earlier novels are written in a stream of consciousness style, similar to but, by his own admission, not as effective as James Joyce. It is through the intervention of Borges that Casares starts to write in a more classical style that he calls lived and seen. The Invention of Morel is one of the first examples of his new style.

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