La Invención de Morel Character Descriptions

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The Main Character - He is being pursued by Venezuelan authorities, his own countrymen. He learns from a rug merchant in Calcutta that there is an island--Villings Island--that had been abandoned by people long ago and that it would be a perfect place in which to hide from the law.

Morel - He is an odd-looking man with a beard wearing tennis clothing. A scientist, he claims he has invented a device that is able to record movements and conversations and capture them in a photograph.

Dalmacio Ombrellieri - He is the Italian rug merchant who tells the protagonist about Villings Island.

Faustine - She watches the sunset every evening. The main character tries to approach her but she never seems to see or hear him.

Jane Gray - This character is an old woman with the group of invaders. She is sound asleep when Morel...

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