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• Adolfo Bioy Casares starts his literary career at a South American magazine called the Sur Magazine.

• In general, Casares's work is a blend of reality and fantasy. The Poet Octavio Paz considers Casares's work to be metaphysical.

• Casares is the only child of a wealthy family and from early in his career he enjoys a friendship with the famous writer Jorges Luis Borges, both of whom share a love of adventure writers.

• One of Casares's big influences is H.G. Wells. He uses elements of Well's book in his novel The Invention of Morel.

• The Invention of Morel is the first time Casares is really noticed by the literary public, receiving the Buenos Aires literature award for the work.


• The prologue is written by Casares's long time friend, Jorges Luis Borges.

• Borges talks about how the fantasy novel can in some ways be viewed as realistic...

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