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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 & Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the girl know the person who tells her that her mother has died?
(a) The person knows the password.
(b) They play the questioning game.
(c) The person has a piece of her mother’s clothing.
(d) The person carries a letter from the mother.

2. If ten thousand men are standing under a small umbrella, how come none of them are getting wet?
(a) It’s a magic umbrella.
(b) A voodoo spell protects them.
(c) They are all wearing rain gear.
(d) It isn’t raining.

3. Where is Catherine from?
(a) Paris.
(b) Guadeloupe.
(c) Port-au-Prince.
(d) New York.

4. What did people watch at the sugar mill?
(a) Government-sponsored TV.
(b) Dog fights.
(c) Cock fights.
(d) Dancing.

5. In what way does the boy surprise his father?
(a) He has learned the whole history of Haiti’s slave revolt.
(b) He has already borrowed clothes.
(c) He has already been rehearsing with his classmates.
(d) He already knows his lines.

Short Answer Questions

1. What form does New York Day Women take?

2. Why is the girl’s mother in prison?

3. What terrifies Lili?

4. What does Mrs. Azile give Caroline for her wedding shower?

5. In the narrator’s account, who likely wrote the lines the boy is to say?

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