Krik? Krak! Character Descriptions

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Girl in Children of the Sea

This character lives with parents in Port-au-Prince. This character’s father gives up all his property in order to save this character from being taken by the police.

Boy in Children of the Sea

This character has been active in the Resistance to the Macoutes, and has fled from Haiti in a leaky boat that likely sank off the Bahamas.

Girl in Nineteen thirty-seven

This character goes to Port-au-Prince to visit a mother in prison.


This character is obsessed with the sugar mill owners’ hot-air balloon, and commandeers it one day—then jumps, and dies from the fall.


This character has raised a son to be educated and an actor, and this character is proud of the way the son memorizes his lines in the play about Boukman, a leader of the Haitian slave rebellion.


This character is a...

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