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Chapter 1

• A boy who has opposed the new regime in radio shows, and has fled from Haiti to America on a leaky boat with thirty-six other refugees, writes to his girlfriend.

• The girlfriend, still in Haiti, writes to tell her boyfriend about conditions in his absence, which are repressive and dangerous.

• As the boat gets further into the ocean, it becomes more and more leaky, and likely sinks.

• The girl describes horrific scenes in Port-au-Prince, where the macoutes beat and menace people, but she and the boy both end up declaring their undying love.

Chapter 2

• This chapter’s title comes from a massacre in 1937, when troops in the Dominican Republic slaughtered ethnic Haitians.

• At Massacre River, the character’s mother’s mother was killed, but her mother, pregnant with her at the time, escaped.

• In the present time of the story, the main character visits her mother in...

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