Krapp's Last Tape Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe what Krapp is wearing in Part 1.

In Part 1, Krapp is described as wearing black narrow trousers, a black sleeveless waistcoat, a heavy silver watch and chain, a white collarless shirt, and dirty white boots that are narrow and pointed.

2. How is Krapp's physical appearance described?

Krapp's physical appearance is described as a white face, purple nose, disordered hair, and unshaven.

3. Describe what is on Krapp's desk at the beginning of Part 1.

At the beginning of Part 1, Krapp's desk has a tape recorder with a microphone on it along with several cardboard boxes containing reels of recorded tapes.

4. Describe how the stage appears in Part 1.

In Part 1, the stage is in total darkness except for a strong white light just over the desk area.

5. What does Krapp do when he first opens his desk drawer in Part 1?

When Krapp first opens his desk drawer in Part 1 he looks inside, feels inside it, takes out a reel of tape, looks at it, puts it back, and locks the drawer.

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