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Part 1

• The play opens with an old man named Krapp sitting in a chair facing away from his desk.

• An old fashioned tape recorder, microphone, and boxes of tapes sit on the desk.

• Krapp sits motionless for a long time, before finally rising.

• Krapp fumbles in his pockets for a set of keys, looks through the desk, and finds a banana.

• Krapp peels the banana, throws the peel on the floor, puts one end of the banana in his mouth, and doesn't move.

• Krapp begins pacing back and forth across the stage as he eats the banana.

• Krapp almost slips on the banana peel he had thrown on the ground earlier, but kicks it out of the way.

• Once he finishes the banana, Krapp searches through the desk and finds a second banana.

• Krapp peels the second banana, puts the end in his mouth, and remains still.

• Krapp...

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