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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which sea creature becomes a pet aboard the Kon-Tiki?
(a) Crab
(b) Scorpion
(c) Dorado
(d) Flying fish

2. What is another name for South America?
(a) Navel of the Islands
(b) Heart of Haiti
(c) The Eye Looks (toward) Heaven
(d) The Land Down Under

3. What type of fish is known to stick to sharks?
(a) Jellyfish
(b) Tuna
(c) Remora
(d) Starfish

4. What is the name of the first island?
(a) Bora Bora
(b) Puka Puka
(c) Angatau
(d) Pango Pango

5. Which two occupants of the ocean have the crew been warned about?
(a) Sharks and Stingrays
(b) Octopus and Squid
(c) Whales and dolphins
(d) Squid and Jellyfish

Short Answer Questions

1. Squid land on what part of the raft?

2. What does the crew attempt to do to at first avoid the reefs?

3. What do the men do to recover?

4. The crew sees what sign that there is land ahead?

5. What do the crew discover alongside the new reef?

Short Essay Questions

1. What hinders the Kon-Tiki from traveling to a second island?

2. What is Heyerdahl's explanation of the reality of the hut versus the waves?

3. What evidence is there of the stone work on Easter Island? How did it change?

4. How is the crew rescued? Where are they taken and by who?

5. What item was destroyed on Easter Island that may have detailed the region's history? Who destroyed the item?

6. Where do the men nearly land? How do they determine the name?

7. How does the crew avoid hitting the Takume and Raroia reefs? What is the result?

8. Pilot fish are some of the fish that accompany the raft during the trip. How does Heyerdahl describe the pilot fish?

9. There is one thing that turns out to be advantageous to a raft that would be dangerous to a boat. What is it? What is the advantage?

10. What is Bengt's comment regarding the near collision and trip to the island?

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