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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are stationed atop of the statues at Easter Island?
(a) Stone birds
(b) Weights
(c) Religious symbols
(d) Red rocks

2. With whom does the crew member try to communicate?
(a) Heyerdahl
(b) Native chief
(c) Soldiers
(d) Ship's captain

3. The pilot fish remind the crew of what animal?
(a) Geese
(b) Tigers
(c) Ants
(d) Zebras

4. Who is left behind?
(a) Torstein
(b) Knut
(c) Herman
(d) Erik

5. What plants are discovered in the jungle?
(a) Tangled grapevines
(b) Poison ivy
(c) Fragrant flowers
(d) Orchids

6. How many people live on the island?
(a) 127
(b) 223
(c) 154
(d) 79

7. Which crew member falls overboard?
(a) Knut
(b) Thor
(c) Herman
(d) Torstein

8. What word is used to describe the crew?
(a) Scruffy
(b) Beleaguered
(c) Frightening
(d) Exhausted

9. What is the biggest danger during the near wreck?
(a) Head injuries
(b) Being eaten by sharks
(c) Being crushed
(d) Drowning

10. What is another sign of land?
(a) Fire
(b) Cloud
(c) People
(d) Boats

11. The natives develop sudden advancement in what skill?
(a) Stone work
(b) Hunting and fishing
(c) Boat building
(d) Communication

12. What type of fish is known to stick to sharks?
(a) Jellyfish
(b) Starfish
(c) Tuna
(d) Remora

13. Where is the Kon-Tiki's final destination?
(a) Tahiti
(b) Peru
(c) Guayaquil
(d) New York

14. The village men act out a dance with what?
(a) Gourds
(b) Spirits
(c) Sea monster
(d) Bamboo torches

15. What saves the raft from hitting the highest reef?
(a) Water rises
(b) Crew drops anchor
(c) Current changes
(d) Heyerdahl changes course

Short Answer Questions

1. After missing the first island, the Kon-Tiki sails toward which island?

2. Which crew member returns to the natives' island?

3. What causes the raft to get stuck?

4. What about the sea creature impresses Heyerdahl?

5. What sign gives the crew hope?

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