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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which sea creature becomes a pet aboard the Kon-Tiki?
(a) Dorado
(b) Crab
(c) Flying fish
(d) Scorpion

2. What seemed out of place on the ocean?
(a) Rain
(b) Men
(c) Hut
(d) Raft

3. The crew has fun playing with what dangerous object?
(a) Octopus
(b) Lightning
(c) Sharks
(d) Harpoon

4. Which crew member returns to the natives' island?
(a) Bengt
(b) Knut
(c) Erik
(d) Thor

5. Heyerdahl compares the phosphorescence of the plankton to what object?
(a) Jewels
(b) Lighthouse
(c) Ghosts
(d) Stars

6. What is the name of the natives' chief?
(a) Tupuhoe
(b) Agurto
(c) Tepiuraiarii
(d) Raratonga

7. What is floating in the ocean along with the crabs?
(a) Seaweed
(b) Litter
(c) Feathers
(d) Dead fish

8. What is another name for South America?
(a) The Eye Looks (toward) Heaven
(b) The Land Down Under
(c) Heart of Haiti
(d) Navel of the Islands

9. What are stationed atop of the statues at Easter Island?
(a) Weights
(b) Red rocks
(c) Stone birds
(d) Religious symbols

10. What type of fish is known to stick to sharks?
(a) Tuna
(b) Remora
(c) Jellyfish
(d) Starfish

11. What causes some of the ropes to break?
(a) Sharks
(b) Storm
(c) Carelessness
(d) Reefs

12. How many people live on the island?
(a) 79
(b) 127
(c) 223
(d) 154

13. What causes the raft to get stuck?
(a) Bad navigation skills
(b) Wind
(c) Current
(d) Reefs

14. What beverage do the men enjoy?
(a) Cold water
(b) Coconut milk
(c) Mulled Cider
(d) Wine

15. What language is taught to Herman's parrot?
(a) French
(b) Portugeuse
(c) Spanish
(d) Norwegian

Short Answer Questions

1. What weapons do the crew members sleep with?

2. What do the men do to recover?

3. Which flag is not among those raised by the crew?

4. How do the men scare away the small sharks?

5. Which of these is NOT presented to the crew by the natives?

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