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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In how many hours was the crew supposed to make contact?
(a) 24
(b) 36
(c) 48
(d) 72

2. What does the crew attempt to do to at first avoid the reefs?
(a) Wait out the current
(b) Sail northward
(c) Harness the wind
(d) Sail southward

3. What seemed out of place on the ocean?
(a) Men
(b) Hut
(c) Rain
(d) Raft

4. What is another name for Easter Island?
(a) Little Rapa
(b) Tiki Island
(c) The Eye Looks (toward) Heaven
(d) Great Rapa

5. Heyerdahl thinks that the first voyagers may have had what color of hair?
(a) Blond
(b) Red
(c) White
(d) Black

6. What sign gives the crew hope?
(a) Sound of a plane engine
(b) Boats
(c) Repaired raft
(d) Rainbow

7. How many people live on the island?
(a) 79
(b) 223
(c) 127
(d) 154

8. What does Knut cook for dinner?
(a) Dorados
(b) Shark
(c) Pilot fish
(d) Crabs

9. Which of these is NOT known to eat plankton?
(a) Dorados
(b) Crew members
(c) Whale sharks
(d) Crabs

10. The crew realizes that what object no longer matters?
(a) Time
(b) Losing the dinghy
(c) Delays in the trip
(d) Presence of sharks

11. Which of these is NOT presented to the crew by the natives?
(a) Native jewlery
(b) A Kon-Tiki anthem
(c) Food
(d) Polynesian names

12. What do the crew discover alongside the new reef?
(a) Island
(b) Whale colony
(c) Dead body
(d) Abandoned ship

13. What word is used to describe the crew?
(a) Beleaguered
(b) Frightening
(c) Exhausted
(d) Scruffy

14. Which two occupants of the ocean have the crew been warned about?
(a) Octopus and Squid
(b) Squid and Jellyfish
(c) Whales and dolphins
(d) Sharks and Stingrays

15. The village men act out a dance with what?
(a) Spirits
(b) Gourds
(c) Bamboo torches
(d) Sea monster

Short Answer Questions

1. The crew has fun playing with what dangerous object?

2. What does the inside of the cabin smell like?

3. What item may have been eaten to ward off fatigue?

4. What is the name of the first person contacted by radio?

5. What causes the raft to get stuck?

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