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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is NOT a danger the men face on the trip?
(a) Bandits
(b) Rain
(c) Kidnappers
(d) Mud

2. The ancient story involves the building of what objects?
(a) Easter Island statues
(b) Pyramids
(c) Villages
(d) Stonehenge

3. How many crew members work together on a shift?
(a) Four
(b) Three
(c) One
(d) Two

4. What is thrown at the whale shark?
(a) Bait
(b) Empty food cans
(c) A crew member
(d) Harpoon

5. What is the name of the chief god of the white men?
(a) Cari Tiki
(b) Kon Tiki
(c) Ilda Tiki
(d) Rikki Tiki

6. Which creature appears to be phosphorescent?
(a) Starfish
(b) Mackerel
(c) Frog
(d) Shrimp

7. Which was NOT one of the names given to the fallen trees?
(a) Taranga
(b) Ku
(c) Hiti
(d) Nieto

8. Heyerdahl is a member of what New York City club?
(a) Explorers Club
(b) Seafarers Club
(c) Cotton Club
(d) Midnight Club

9. Who attempts to watch the craft in action?
(a) Agurto
(b) Otto
(c) Peruvian president
(d) Ambassador

10. Heyerdahl refers to technologies developed in what time period? What event interrupted Heyerdahl's research? World War II World War I Stock market crash Assassination of JFK Which city does Heyerdahl choose to present his theory? New York Tokyo London Honolulu
(a) Stone Age
(b) Industrial Revolution
(c) Jurassic Age
(d) Universal Age

11. Which crew member is responsible for the act?
(a) Knut
(b) Thor
(c) Erik
(d) Herman

12. What is the common tradition of the people of this region?
(a) Oral history
(b) Drum circles
(c) Sing-alongs
(d) Weaving

13. What does Heyerdahl require to construct the raft?
(a) Engineer
(b) Balsa logs
(c) Chain saw
(d) Translator

14. How much does the massive amount of paperwork weigh?
(a) 26 pounds
(b) 12 pounds
(c) 34 pounds
(d) 15 pounds

15. What is one of Heyerdahl's main concerns in planning a route?
(a) Strong currents
(b) Uncharted waters
(c) Difficult navigation
(d) Trade winds

Short Answer Questions

1. What event interrupted Heyerdahl's research?

2. What month does the Kon-Tiki set out to sea?

3. The names of the trees are derived from people attached to which figure?

4. How long are the nearly invisible visitors?

5. How heavy is a whale shark?

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