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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Among Polynesians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Heyerdahl is a member of what New York City club?
(a) Midnight Club
(b) Seafarers Club
(c) Cotton Club
(d) Explorers Club

2. What is the name of the chief god of the island?
(a) Rikki Tiki
(b) Odin
(c) Thor
(d) Kon Tiki

3. Which crew member is responsible for the act?
(a) Herman
(b) Thor
(c) Erik
(d) Knut

4. What ancient culture's story convinces Heyerdahl of the connection?
(a) Egyptians
(b) Incas
(c) Mayans
(d) Anasazi

5. What time of day is the first island discovered?
(a) Noon
(b) Early evening
(c) Sunset
(d) Sunrise

Short Answer Questions

1. Heyerdahl compares the phosphorescence of the plankton to what object?

2. What pet is given to Herman?

3. What do the men do to recover?

4. Who accompanies Heyerdahl on the trip?

5. What type of wood does Heyerdahl believe the South Americans used to build their rafts?

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