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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Among Polynesians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of these items was not mentioned as a use/source of water for the South American pilgrims?
(a) Coconut shells
(b) Gourds
(c) Bamboo sticks
(d) Rain

2. What is Heyerdahl's profession?
(a) Microbiologist
(b) Zoologist
(c) Anthropologist
(d) Chemist

3. What is the distance that the squid are able to travel when pursued?
(a) 60 yards
(b) 60 feet
(c) 25 yards
(d) 100 yards

4. To what does Bengt compare the accident?
(a) Purgatory
(b) Roller coaster
(c) Hell
(d) Coma

5. Heyerdahl impatiently waits for results on what item?
(a) Car repair
(b) Marriage
(c) Manuscript
(d) Navigator's license

Short Answer Questions

1. Which crew member returns to the natives' island?

2. How large are the sharks caught by the crew?

3. What is Heyerdahl's status at the club?

4. What month does the Kon-Tiki set out to sea?

5. The crew sees what sign that there is land ahead?

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