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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Among Polynesians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Lake is mentioned in regard to the story?
(a) Lake Panam
(b) Lake Titicaca
(c) Lake Victoria
(d) Lake Huron

2. What distinguishing mark did the ancients have?
(a) Tattoos
(b) Limps
(c) Beards
(d) Moustaches

3. The chief asks if Thor has heard of what celebrity/celebrities?
(a) Bing Crosby
(b) Rat Pack
(c) Elvis
(d) Beatles

4. Heyerdahl's theory revolves around what region?
(a) Canary Islands
(b) Pacific Islands
(c) Norway
(d) Java

5. Which was NOT one of the names given to the fallen trees?
(a) Hiti
(b) Ku
(c) Taranga
(d) Nieto

Short Answer Questions

1. What item needs constant maintenance?

2. Heyerdahl receives a letter from whom?

3. Who arranges to find the first tree?

4. What reaction do the fish have to the big storm?

5. What is another name for the people of this region?

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