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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, To the South Sea Islands.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two occupants of the ocean have the crew been warned about?
(a) Squid and Jellyfish
(b) Sharks and Stingrays
(c) Whales and dolphins
(d) Octopus and Squid

2. What is the name of the chief god of the island?
(a) Odin
(b) Thor
(c) Rikki Tiki
(d) Kon Tiki

3. What/Who is Latacunga?
(a) Small boy
(b) Village
(c) Lake
(d) Native Tribe

4. Who was considered to be the original, a founder of the inhabitants on the Pacific Islands?
(a) Sun Tiki
(b) Ilda Tiki
(c) Cari Tiki
(d) Rikki Tiki

5. Who arranges to find the first tree?
(a) Manuel
(b) Angelo
(c) Federico
(d) Agurto

Short Answer Questions

1. The ancient story involves the building of what objects?

2. How does the fish remain stuck?

3. Herman suffers an injury to what body part?

4. Bengt likes to read books on what topic?

5. What event interrupted Heyerdahl's research?

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