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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, An Expedition Is Born.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Heyerdahl is a member of what New York City club?
(a) Explorers Club
(b) Midnight Club
(c) Cotton Club
(d) Seafarers Club

2. Who rejects Heyerdahl's manuscript?
(a) Bjorn
(b) Herman
(c) Carl
(d) Wilhelm

3. Heyerdahl refers to technologies developed in what time period? What event interrupted Heyerdahl's research? World War II World War I Stock market crash Assassination of JFK Which city does Heyerdahl choose to present his theory? New York Tokyo London Honolulu
(a) Jurassic Age
(b) Industrial Revolution
(c) Stone Age
(d) Universal Age

4. The ancient story involves the building of what objects?
(a) Easter Island statues
(b) Stonehenge
(c) Pyramids
(d) Villages

5. In what increments do the Polynesians recount their history?
(a) 50 years
(b) 30 years
(c) 25 years
(d) 10 years

Short Answer Questions

1. Which is NOT among the planned stops for Heyerdahl?

2. What is the name of the chief god of the island?

3. Heyerdahl is summoned to which government facility?

4. Heyerdahl's theory revolves around what region?

5. Heyerdahl impatiently waits for results on what item?

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