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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, To South America.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The friend previously engaged in what profession?
(a) Sailor
(b) Engineer
(c) Doctor
(d) Meteorologist

2. Who accompanies Heyerdahl on the trip?
(a) Otto
(b) Herman
(c) Carl
(d) Wilhelm

3. What is the estimated date on which people first arrived on the islands?
(a) 100 A.D.
(b) 500 A.D.
(c) 1100 A.D.
(d) 200 B.C.

4. What event interrupted Heyerdahl's research?
(a) World War II
(b) World War I
(c) Assassination of JFK
(d) Stock market crash

5. What does Heyerdahl require to construct the raft?
(a) Translator
(b) Balsa logs
(c) Chain saw
(d) Engineer

Short Answer Questions

1. Heyerdahl impatiently waits for results on what item?

2. Heyerdahl believes the islands are connected to what country?

3. What is the name of Heyerdahl's friend that lives in the countryside?

4. The names of the trees are derived from people attached to which figure?

5. What ancient culture's story convinces Heyerdahl of the connection?

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