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The name of the raft.

Balsa Logs

The key component of the raft.

Steering Oar

A key component for navigation.


The main Polynesian island.

Center Boards

A part of the boat that provides stability and assists navigation.


This place offers shelter to the crew members.

Flying Fish

Creatures that jump out of the water and glide for long distances to escape predators.

Dolphin (dorado)

A fish that the crew members find delicious,


A large ocean predator.

Whale Shark

The largest fish in the world.


Item consisting of small shrimp and fish larvae.

Guardian Rios

The tugboat that takes the Kon-Tiki out to sea.

Humboldt Current

This flows from east to west in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.


The schooner sent by the French government to pick up the crew members.

Thor I

The Norwegian cargo ship that brings the crew...

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