Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft Character Descriptions

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Thor Heyerdahl

Man who builds a raft and sails across the Pacific Ocean.

Kon Tiki

Legendary man that sailed across the Pacific and settled the South Sea Islands.

Herman Watzing

Thor's first crew member.

Knut Haugland

A radio expert.

Torstein Raaby

Radio operator that joined the expedition at Peru.

Erik Hesselberg

The crew's navigator.

Bengt Danielsson

Reads many books on sociology and only eats the military rations.

Tei Tetua

A very old man and the last of his tribe.

Peter Freuchen

Well known Arctic explorer.

Colonel Haskin

Delivers a speech on experimental military equipment.

Otto Munthe-Kass

The Norwegian military attaché in Washington D.C.

Colonel Lewis

Officer that immediately sees the value in testing experimental military equipment and rations on the voyage.

Colonel Lumsden

Officer that sets up a meeting with the British Military Mission.

Dr. Benjamin Cohen

Assistant secretary to the United Nations.

Don Gustavo

Character that...

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