Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft Character Descriptions

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Thor Heyerdahl - Man who builds a raft and sails across the Pacific Ocean.

Kon Tiki - Legendary man that sailed across the Pacific and settled the South Sea Islands.

Herman Watzing - Thor's first crew member.

Knut Haugland - A radio expert.

Torstein Raaby - Radio operator that joined the expedition at Peru.

Erik Hesselberg - The crew's navigator.

Bengt Danielsson - Reads many books on sociology and only eats the military rations.

Tei Tetua - A very old man and the last of his tribe.

Peter Freuchen - Well known Arctic explorer.

Colonel Haskin - Delivers a speech on experimental military equipment.

Otto Munthe-Kass - The Norwegian military attaché in Washington D.C.

Colonel Lewis - Officer that immediately sees the value in testing experimental military equipment and rations on the voyage.

Colonel Lumsden - Officer that sets up a meeting with the British Military...

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