Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1, A Theory

• Thor Heyerdahl develops a theory for regarding the Pacific Islands, and how they were originally settled by people from South America
• Polynesians celebrate an oral history, told by Tei Tetua

• Polynesians use a string and not device to mark the timeline in their memories
• Heyerdahl relates to the chief god Sun Tiki, honored by the Incas, as being related to the white chief god, Tiki, son of the sun worshiped by Pacific Islanders

• Heyerdahl refers to Stone Age technologies
• Heyerdahl postpones the theory to serve in World War II

• Heyerdahl decides to take his theory to New York

Chapter 2, An Expedition Is Born

• Heyerdahl presents his manuscript to a man in the New York City Museum office

• The manuscript is rejected

• Heyerdahl plans the raft trip
• Heyerdahl takes a room at the Norwegian Sailor's Home to save money

• Heyerdahl studies prehistoric Incan rafts

• Heyerdahl approaches...

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