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Short Answer Questions

1. What month was it in the opening of "My First Tooth"?

2. What, in the narrator's language, meant "run off at the mouth"? ("Esperanto.")

3. What did the man who asked the narrator for help, in carrying his baskets to the scales, have in his baskets? ("The Train.")

4. What was being yelled as Peter Zayats was thrown out of the shelter and into the snow? ("My First Tooth.")

5. What did the narrator state was worse than criminals who robbed him? ("Esperanto.")

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the narrator in "My First Tooth" state that it was easier to bear something after you write it down? ("My First Tooth.")

2. Why was the new chief of political control at the hospital? ("The Chief of Political Control.")

3. What was the narrator shocked by about the blade of the bulldozer? ("Land-Lease.")

4. What "magical powers" did Stukov have? ("Magic")

5. What did Shestakov offer the narrator as nourishment to aid in an upcoming escape attempt? ("Condensed Milk.")

6. Why did Gusev break the window in the basement of the former monastery? ("My First Tooth.")

7. Why was Golubev called to Stukov's home in "Magic"?

8. What bliss did the narrator find while in Irkutsk? ("The Train.")

9. What about the Senior Supervisor-Ministry of Internal Affairs' name impressed the narrator in "The Lawyer's Plot"?

10. According to the narrator in "The Lawyer's Plot," what were the three ways out of the mine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Given the dehumanizing circumstances that the narrator relayed throughout the text, many instances of true humanity shone through. Discuss three examples where humanity won out over animalistic behavior in the text.

Essay Topic 2

Many of the guards in the stories are described by their attitudes towards the camp convicts. Describe the different ways that guards were described, how these descriptions mandated how convicts felt about the guards, and how the convicts acted around different guards based upon their dispositions.

Essay Topic 3

The harshness of work in the camps was described through the severe actions that convicts would go to to avoid it. Describe three examples where convicts sacrificed themselves, in one way or another, to avoid work in the camps.

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