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Short Answer Questions

1. How long had the bodies been in the mass grave? ("Land-Lease.")

2. What sound did the narrator say was a symbol of the "mainland" for him? ("The Train.")

3. In "Magic," what object was tapping on the window?

4. On a how many day march were the men in "My First Tooth" on?

5. How many carpenters were allowed to be retained in "Magic"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Kudinov's reasoning for why the convict work gang #4 stood idol on November 12th? ("The Injector.")

2. What was written on the cell ceiling of the monastery basement? ("My First Tooth.")

3. Why did Praga, in "Esperanto," hack his clothing to rags?

4. What happened to the Spam that was sent to the camps from America? ("Land-Lease.")

5. What about the Senior Supervisor-Ministry of Internal Affairs' name impressed the narrator in "The Lawyer's Plot"?

6. How did the narrator describe Romanov in "The Lawyer's Plot"?

7. Why was Golubev called to Stukov's home in "Magic"?

8. Where did the narrator hide his money during his train ride? ("The Train.")

9. Why was the new chief of political control at the hospital? ("The Chief of Political Control.")

10. What was the narrator shocked by about the blade of the bulldozer? ("Land-Lease.")

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Based upon the text, what three things do you think that the forced-laborers in Kolyma needed to survive? Find three different needs and explain why they were necessary for survival in Kolyma.

Essay Topic 2

Magic seemed to be the only way that some men made it out of the camps of Kolyma alive. Discuss three examples throughout the text where "magic" seemed to be responsible for survival. (Think of how "magic" was depicted in the story "Magic" to help answer this question.)

Essay Topic 3

What impact does the fact that the text is written in first-person have on you as a reader? Why is a first-person narration important in these types of histories? What would be lost if the stories were complied as third-person narratives?

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