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Short Answer Questions

1. Before 1938, according to "Land-Lease," what was used to move logs?

2. What did the narrator call "precious things" in "Esperanto"?

3. Who was Golubev's bosses favorite? ("Magic.")

4. Why did Golubev's boss like him? ("Magic.")

5. In "My First Tooth," what was written in coal on the walls of the basement?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "A Child's Drawing," why did the convicts stand in groups of five when guards were dividing out work assignments?

2. What did the bulldozer, in "Land-Lease," come to be used for?

3. What did Shestakov offer the narrator as nourishment to aid in an upcoming escape attempt? ("Condensed Milk.")

4. Why did the narrator in "My First Tooth" state that it was easier to bear something after you write it down? ("My First Tooth.")

5. What "magical powers" did Stukov have? ("Magic")

6. What game did the lieutenant and the narrator play during "The Train"?

7. Why did the narrator decide that he had not been lucky in getting called to Romanov's home? ("The Lawyer's Plot.")

8. Why was Golubev called to Stukov's home in "Magic"?

9. What happened at the end of "Esperanto" to the narrator"?

10. What did convicts receive as payment for keeping their mouths shut about guards beating them? ("The Chief of Political Control.")

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What impact does the fact that the text is written in first-person have on you as a reader? Why is a first-person narration important in these types of histories? What would be lost if the stories were complied as third-person narratives?

Essay Topic 2

The harshness of work in the camps was described through the severe actions that convicts would go to to avoid it. Describe three examples where convicts sacrificed themselves, in one way or another, to avoid work in the camps.

Essay Topic 3

Many of the men in the forced-labor camps of Kolyma changed during their stay. Choose of of the people described in the text and discuss how they changed because of their stay at Kolyma.

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