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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Romanov's real occupation? ("The Lawyers' Plot.")
(a) Secret police.
(b) Nazi informant.
(c) Informant for the German Army.
(d) American spy.

2. What was the name of Golubev's boss in "Magic"?
(a) Kindner.
(b) Flakov.
(c) Stiffern.
(d) Stukov.

3. What was told, at the end of "The Lawyers' Plot", had happened to Rebrov?
(a) He had been killed.
(b) He had been arrested.
(c) He had escaped.
(d) He had been sentenced to the mines.

4. Why did Golubev's boss like him? ("Magic.")
(a) For none of the reasons listed.
(b) For both reasons listed.
(c) Because he hated drunks.
(d) Because he did not accept bribes.

5. According to "The Lawyers' Plot", what does "smertin" mean?
(a) Death.
(b) Power.
(c) Obedience.
(d) Truth.

Short Answer Questions

1. From where did the new group of prisoners come from? ("Magic.")

2. How many carpenters were allowed to be retained in "Magic"?

3. What did the narrator recall had been confiscated in Magadan? ("Esperanto.")

4. What was being performed in the camp in "Esperanto"?

5. Who shoved the narrator up against a window in the basement? ("My First Tooth.")

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did the narrator hide his money during his train ride? ("The Train.")

2. What about the Senior Supervisor-Ministry of Internal Affairs' name impressed the narrator in "The Lawyer's Plot"?

3. What happened at the end of "Esperanto" to the narrator"?

4. Why was the new chief of political control at the hospital? ("The Chief of Political Control.")

5. What did the bulldozer, in "Land-Lease," come to be used for?

6. What bliss did the narrator find while in Irkutsk? ("The Train.")

7. What was Kudinov's reasoning for why the convict work gang #4 stood idol on November 12th? ("The Injector.")

8. Why did the narrator in "My First Tooth" state that it was easier to bear something after you write it down? ("My First Tooth.")

9. Why were the convicts unable to eat the horse meat in "Esperanto"?

10. Why was Golubev called to Stukov's home in "Magic"?

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