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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Golubev fake so he would not have to return to work? ("A Piece of Meat")
(a) Hearing loss.
(b) A broken back.
(c) A broken rib.
(d) Appendicitis.

2. What did the narrator claim had left all men, in "Dry Rations," because of the long fasts that they suffered through?
(a) All desire to survive.
(b) All will to live.
(c) All need for food.
(d) All human emotions.

3. What did Andrei Platonov do prior to being in the camps?
(a) He was a novelist.
(b) He was a lawyer.
(c) He was a movie scriptwriter.
(d) He was a doctor.

4. Because of the barrenness of the winter, as described in "A Pushover Job," how far could a person be seen from?
(a) A quarter mile away.
(b) Half a mile away.
(c) A mile away.
(d) 500 feet away.

5. What had Merzlakov received for breakfast on the morning that he compared humans to livestock?
(a) An ounce of milk.
(b) Two eggs.
(c) Three spoonfuls of porridge.
(d) One slice of bread.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the narrator, in "Sententious," claim that each day brought?

2. What was the name of the religious sect spoken about in "Quiet"?

3. How many axe handles were the men in "Carpenters" required to make every day?

4. What did Merzlakov steal when he "miraculously managed" to get a stable-hand job at the camps?

5. What did the two men, from "A Pushover Job," place into the bag of pine needles?

Short Essay Questions

1. What question did the new arrivals ask of the old convicts in "Major Pugachov's Last Battle"?

2. In the story "In The Night," how did Bagretsov cut his finger?

3. What "piece of meat" did Golubev offer up in sacrifice? ("A Piece of Meat.")

4. What hypothesis was tested in the story "Quiet"?

5. What happened to Grigoriev and Potashnikov after the foreman found out that they were not carpenters?

6. Why were camp officials perplexed by the convicts avoidance of the bathhouse?

7. In "The Bathhouse," why was lice a relative concept to most convicts?

8. In "Sententious," who did the narrator say that he envied?

9. What did the narrator in "A Pushover Job" and his companion do to full-fill their quota of pine needles?

10. What did Savelev do after finding Ivanovich hung himself?

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