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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following instruments were allowed to be used by political prisoners when under the watch of the worst camp heads?
(a) Wheelbarrow.
(b) Pick.
(c) Saw.
(d) All of those listed.

2. In "Carpenters," for how long had the fog been so thick that a man was not able to be seen from "two paces away"?
(a) Forever.
(b) 2 days.
(c) One week.
(d) A month.

3. What did "Carpenters" state men were not shown?
(a) A thermometer.
(b) A clock.
(c) Where the blankets were.
(d) The food trucks.

4. What did Seva refuse to play cards for? ("On Tick.")
(a) A blanket.
(b) A pillow.
(c) Boots.
(d) A coat.

5. What did Bagretsov cut his finger on as he lay on the ground near Glebov?
(a) A zipper.
(b) A branch.
(c) A knife.
(d) A rock.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where were the needles of the dwarf cedar tree taken to?

2. What dessert were the prisoners fed in "Quiet"?

3. How many parts did the men have to divide their rations into? ("Dry Rations.")

4. What did the narrator compare the hills to in "A Pushover Job"?

5. What did Golubev fake so he would not have to return to work? ("A Piece of Meat")

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the narrator state that love was the hardest emotion to return to convicts? ("Sententious.")

2. What prosthetics were collected by the guards in "Prosthetic Appliances"?

3. Why did the convicts that had been in the camps take their bread back to their barracks? ("Major Pugachov's Last Battle")

4. What hypothesis was tested in the story "Quiet"?

5. In the story "In The Night," how did Bagretsov cut his finger?

6. How did the story "Sententious" end?

7. Given that convicts were not allowed to see a thermometer, how did they know when temperatures reached 60 degrees below zero in "Carpenters"?

8. What was the "circle" that was created regarding the relationship between work and food in "Shock Therapy"?

9. What did the narrator say about death in "Sententious"?

10. Who did Gloubev recognize in the hospital as he was recovering from his appendectomy? ("A Piece of Meat.")

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