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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose job was it to run the bathhouse and disinfect clothes at the work camps?
(a) The section commanders.
(b) The Bathhouse Squad.
(c) The Sanitation Squad.
(d) The work-men from the barracks.

2. What did Fedya call Platonov in "The Snake Charmer"?
(a) Ivan.
(b) Michael.
(c) Russian.
(d) Igor.

3. What did Bagretsov cut his finger on as he lay on the ground near Glebov?
(a) A rock.
(b) A branch.
(c) A knife.
(d) A zipper.

4. What did the narrator claim had left all men, in "Dry Rations," because of the long fasts that they suffered through?
(a) All desire to survive.
(b) All human emotions.
(c) All need for food.
(d) All will to live.

5. What was no convict able to have of his own? ("In the Bathhouse.")
(a) Towels.
(b) Socks.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Underwear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the only way that prisoners could stand by the stove in "Quiet"?

2. What was the last thing that Golubev said in "A Piece of Meat"?

3. What did the narrator, in "Sententious," claim was the first pity to return?

4. In "Major Pugachov's Last Battle," what keys did Gorbunov come to the guardhouse to get?

5. To whom was "Sententious" dedicated?

Short Essay Questions

1. What materials were needed to make the playing cards that the men in "On Tick" used?

2. Why did Garkunov die at the end of "On Tick"?

3. Why did the convicts that had been in the camps take their bread back to their barracks? ("Major Pugachov's Last Battle")

4. What did Savelev do after finding Ivanovich hung himself?

5. Why did the narrator state that love was the hardest emotion to return to convicts? ("Sententious.")

6. What plans did Bagretsov have for the underwear that he took off of the corpse?

7. What decision did the men in "Dry Rations" make regarding their food?

8. Why was the Siberian dwarf cedar called a "weatherman" by the narrator?

9. How did the story "Sententious" end?

10. What happened to Grigoriev and Potashnikov after the foreman found out that they were not carpenters?

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