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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were the needles of the dwarf cedar tree taken to?
(a) The commander's home.
(b) A "vitamin factory."
(c) A work house.
(d) The bathouse.

2. In "Major Pugachov's Last Battle," what keys did Gorbunov come to the guardhouse to get?
(a) The grain room keys.
(b) The food storeroom keys.
(c) The clothing room keys.
(d) The bathhouse keys.

3. In "Carpenters," for how long had the fog been so thick that a man was not able to be seen from "two paces away"?
(a) 2 days.
(b) Forever.
(c) A month.
(d) One week.

4. What was the name of the religious sect spoken about in "Quiet"?
(a) Forever Free.
(b) Know to Live.
(c) God Knows.
(d) Hope in God.

5. To whom was "Sententious" dedicated?
(a) Simon Gradstrom.
(b) Nadezhda Mandelshtam.
(c) Romentz Bulvikov.
(d) Nitkita Drezgrov.

6. What was a "kolymka"?
(a) A pudding.
(b) A lamp.
(c) A bread.
(d) A camp.

7. What was the last thing that Golubev said in "A Piece of Meat"?
(a) "Leave me to die."
(b) "There is always tomorrow."
(c) "Never again."
(d) "Go to hell."

8. Whose job was it to run the bathhouse and disinfect clothes at the work camps?
(a) The Bathhouse Squad.
(b) The Sanitation Squad.
(c) The work-men from the barracks.
(d) The section commanders.

9. What had Merzlakov received for breakfast on the morning that he compared humans to livestock?
(a) Three spoonfuls of porridge.
(b) An ounce of milk.
(c) Two eggs.
(d) One slice of bread.

10. What did the narrator claim was the farthest thing from envy, fear and bitterness? ("Sententious.")
(a) Warmth.
(b) Solidarity.
(c) Caring.
(d) Love.

11. What did Merzlakov steal when he "miraculously managed" to get a stable-hand job at the camps?
(a) Oats.
(b) Flour.
(c) Wheat.
(d) Eggs.

12. What did Garkunov have under his dirty undershirt?
(a) A linen shirt.
(b) A sweater.
(c) A flak jacket.
(d) A fleece jacket.

13. What mountain spring did the narrator and his three companions reach at the beginning of "Dry Rations"?
(a) Supktov.
(b) Duskania.
(c) Mitenth.
(d) Nintekuv.

14. What did the narrator say "materialized out of nowhere"? ("Sententious.")
(a) Food.
(b) Bread.
(c) Song.
(d) People.

15. What did the narrator, in "Sententious," claim was the first pity to return?
(a) Pity for self.
(b) Pity for animals.
(c) Pity for loved-ones.
(d) Pity for mankind.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the narrator claim was the last human emotion? ("Sententious.")

2. In "In The Night," what were Glebov and Bagretsov looking for?

3. What did the narrator, in "Sententious," claim that each day brought?

4. Who did Fedya write to at the end of "Dry Rations"?

5. What did the narrator say was the only thing that a prisoner would wash if he were only allotted a spoonful of water to bathe?

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