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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Garkunov at the end of "On Tick"?
(a) He gave in to the requests.
(b) He escaped.
(c) He died.
(d) He fell asleep.

2. In "A Piece of Meat," who "offered" a "bloody sacrifice"?
(a) Yakut.
(b) Gulliver.
(c) Praga.
(d) Golubev.

3. What did the prisoners refuse to eat in the dining hall and take back to their barracks? ("Major Pugachov's Last Battle.")
(a) Crackers.
(b) Soup.
(c) Bread.
(d) Kasha.

4. In "A Pushover Job," which northern tree did the narrator state that he loved the most?
(a) The dwarf cedar.
(b) The dwarf pine.
(c) The giant elm.
(d) The massive oak.

5. Who did Gorbunov kill in "Major Pugachov's Last Battle"?
(a) A man who took his bread.
(b) A guard.
(c) A man who took his shoes.
(d) Another prisoner.

6. What story did the men at the fire NOT want to hear Platonov tell? (The Snake Charmer.")
(a) "The Vampire."
(b) "The Club of Black Jacks."
(c) "Utopia."
(d) "The Count of Montecristo."

7. How long had Merzlakov been in the camp (according to "Shock Therapy")?
(a) Six days.
(b) One year.
(c) A year and a half.
(d) Two years.

8. In "Quiet," what was concerning to the narrator about the tables in the camp dining room?
(a) They were sticky.
(b) They were full of food.
(c) They were broken.
(d) They were clean.

9. What did Glebov want at the end of "In the Night"?
(a) A smoke.
(b) A new coat.
(c) A warm meal.
(d) A coffee.

10. During what months would the dwarf cedar tree rise up from the ground?
(a) September or October.
(b) April or May.
(c) March or April.
(d) December or January.

11. What did Seva refuse to play cards for? ("On Tick.")
(a) A pillow.
(b) Boots.
(c) A blanket.
(d) A coat.

12. In "Major Pugachov's Last Battle," what did Major Pugachov tell a party boss he was preparing for?
(a) A transfer to another camp.
(b) A play.
(c) A trip to the ovens.
(d) A concert.

13. What did the narrator say "materialized out of nowhere"? ("Sententious.")
(a) Song.
(b) Bread.
(c) Food.
(d) People.

14. What was the last thing that Golubev said in "A Piece of Meat"?
(a) "Never again."
(b) "Go to hell."
(c) "Leave me to die."
(d) "There is always tomorrow."

15. What did Garkunov have under his dirty undershirt?
(a) A sweater.
(b) A flak jacket.
(c) A linen shirt.
(d) A fleece jacket.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the narrator claim was "a relative concept"? ("In the Bathhouse")

2. What did the narrator claim was the farthest thing from envy, fear and bitterness? ("Sententious.")

3. How many axe handles were the men in "Carpenters" required to make every day?

4. In "Major Pugachov's Last Battle," what keys did Gorbunov come to the guardhouse to get?

5. Who was denied hot food for refusing to give up his prosthetic arm?

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