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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Esperanto.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the orderly tell the narrator to bring back from Romanov's home? ("The Lawyers' Plot.")
(a) A smoke.
(b) A beer.
(c) A coat.
(d) A piece of meat.

2. In "A Pushover Job," which northern tree did the narrator state that he loved the most?
(a) The dwarf cedar.
(b) The dwarf pine.
(c) The giant elm.
(d) The massive oak.

3. What did the narrator, in "Sententious," claim that each day brought?
(a) The desire to die.
(b) The urge to escape.
(c) The danger of a "lurch into death."
(d) The renewed hope of life.

4. What did the narrator compare the hills to in "A Pushover Job"?
(a) Frosted glass.
(b) Clouds.
(c) Loaves of sugar.
(d) Sugar cookies.

5. What had the narrator written complaints about? ("The Lawyers' Plot.")
(a) Guard beatings.
(b) Bunk conditions.
(c) Bread rations.
(d) Weather work conditions.

Short Answer Questions

1. As told in "In the Bathhouse," how many men are packed into the dressing-rooms of the bathhouse?

2. What did the narrator say "materialized out of nowhere"? ("Sententious.")

3. Why did Golubev's boss like him? ("Magic.")

4. Before 1938, according to "Land-Lease," what was used to move logs?

5. What, in the narrator's language, meant "run off at the mouth"? ("Esperanto.")

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