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The Siberian Dwarf Cedar Treeappears in A Pushover Job - This object changed during the winter and was used to make a vitamin extract.

Underwearappears in The Night - This item was used as trade for food or tobacco.

Etherappears in Shock Therapy - This item was given in drops in an inhaled form to patients.

Camphor Oilappears in Shock Therapy - This item was given by injection and caused a form of shock therapy.

The Bathhouseappears in In the Bathhouse - This place was not as it seemed to be for many prisoners; it was actually a place of torture.

The Cast-Iron Stoveappears in Carpenters - Freezing convicts wanted to go to this place to get warm.

Duskaniaappears in Dry Rations - This was the site of a mountain spring where camp administration wanted a road built.

The Prospecting Campappears in Sententious - This place was...

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