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Lesson 1 (from A Pushover Job, In the Night)


A Pushover Job

The strength of the Siberian dwarf cedar tree brings amazement to the narrator. The objective of this lesson is to compare the Siberian dwarf tree to the men at Kolyma.


1. As a class, discuss the importance of strength. What does it mean to be strong? What are the different types of strengths? How is the dwarf tree strong? Who is stronger, the dwarf tree or the men at Kolyma? Why?

2. In small groups, create a chart that details the characteristics of both the dwarf tree and the men described in the text. What are the characteristics that make them strong? Weak? Who has a better chance of survival? Why?

3. In a journal entry, discuss the importance of the dwarf tree to the men of Kolyma. While the dwarf tree did not actually do what administrators believed it would, what did the men...

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