Kolyma Tales Character Descriptions

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The Narratorappears in A Pushover Job

This person was out with a companion on a job to collect the needles of the Siberian dwarf cedar tree.

Glebovappears in In the Night

This person went out with a companion at night, to dig up a corpse of someone that died that day, and steal the underwear.

Merzlakovappears in Shock Therapy

This person faked having a broken back to avoid work.

Potashnikovappears in Carpenters

This person pretended to be a trained carpenter.

Savelevappears in Dry Rations

This person was a former Young Communist League leader who did not understand how they came to be in the camps.

Ivan Ivanovichappears in Dry Rations

This person was a good worker who was sent to the woods to build a road.

Fedya Shapovappears in Dry Rations

This person was a teenager sent to the camps for slaughtering a sheep.

The Narratorappears in Sententious

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