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A Pushover Job, In the Night

• "A Pushover Job" - The Siberian dwarf tree is able to bend down when snow and cold come.

• The narrator is fascinated by the Siberian dwarf cedar tree.

• The narrator also likes the job because he and his companion go alone into the forest to get the cedar tree needles.

• They cannot make their quota, so they shove a large stone into the cedar needle bag.
• " In the Night" - Glebov and Bagretsov go out into the night.

• They are in bad shape but look forward to an opportunity to make some headway in their situation.

• They go to a site and remove stones and uncover the corpse of someone in the camp who died that day.

• Bagretsov finds the body.

• The men take the underwear off the corpse and go off with it which they plan to sell for bread or...

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