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Short Answer Questions

1. When was General Nogi born?

2. Sensei asks himself in Part III, Sensei’s Testament, “Can one expect the complicated mechanism of the human mind to betray its purposes so obviously, as though it were some kind of” what?

3. What job offer does a friend from school send to the narrator in Part II, My Parents and I?

4. What disease killed Sensei’s father?

5. Sensei apologizes in Part III, Sensei’s Testament for being what kind of person?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sensei’s past, revealed in his final letter, explain his demeanor in the earlier parts of the novel?

2. What does Soseki’s father say after Soseki’s arrival to cause Soseki to feel remorse in Part II, My Parents and I?

3. How does Soseki’s father greet him when he arrives home in Part II, My Parents and I? What is Soseki’s impression?

4. What explanation does Sensei give for his lack of earlier response to Soseki’s letter in Part III, Sensei’s Testament?

5. What does K relate to Sensei of his family dispute and his situation after their third summer holiday in Part III, Sensei’s Testament?

6. What conversation does Soseki’s father have with Saku-san in Part II, My Parents and I?

7. How does Soseki’s father’s health correspond to the newspapers in Part II, My Parents and I?

8. What topic causes strife between Sensei and his adoptive family in Part III, Sensei’s Testament?

9. What is K’s justification for defying his adoptive parents’ wishes in Part III, Sensei’s Testament?

10. What does Sensei make of the difference he finds in his adoptive family when he returns for his third summer holiday in Part III, Sensei’s Testament?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Soseki’s studies at the university in Part I: Sensei and I. What is implied as Soseki’s focus of study? Where does he live while in Tokyo? What does Soseki have in common with Sensei regarding his education?

Essay Topic 2

Fathers and Sons in Kokoro

a. Discuss the relationship between Sensei and Soseki in the novel. How does this relationship resemble that of a father and son? How does Soseki compare his father to Sensei?

b. Compare and contrast Soseki and Sensei’s fathers in the novel. How are they similar? How do they differ?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the theme of “the second son” in Kokoro. Soseki, Sensei's uncle, and K are all second sons of their families. What sense of estrangement do each of these characters experience from their families as they struggle to find identities and career paths?

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