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Short Answer Questions

1. Sensei repeatedly tells the narrator that there is what in loving in Part I: Sensei and I?

2. The author states in the Forward, “The best rendering of the Japanese word "kokoro" that I have seen is Lafcadio Hearn's, which is” what?

3. General Nogi and who were the best-known heroes of the Russo-Japanese War?

4. How much money does Sensei give to the son of the tree orchard in Part I: Sensei and I?

5. What Japanese province is Sensei from?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the novel’s translator write about the language in Kokoroin the Forward?

2. What conversation does the narrator have with Sensei regarding trust in Part I, Sensei and I?

3. What does the narrator tell Sensei of his father’s health when he returns to Tokyo in Part I, Sensei and I? How does Sensei respond?

4. What does the author of the Forward say of Soseki Natsume’s education and works?

5. Who is the translator of Kokoro? What reasons does he give for his Soseki’s biographical information in the book’s Forward?

6. What makes Sensei stand out to the narrator when he first sees him? Why does he seek Sensei’s company?

7. What does Sensei reveal about greed and betrayal in his past at the tree nursery in Part I, Sensei and I?

8. What leads to Soseki’s return to Tokyo after staying with his parents in Part I, Sensei and I? What does Sensei tell him when he first visits after his return?

9. Why does the narrator return home in Part I, Sensei and I? How does he depict his first days there?

10. When and where was Kokoro first published? What insight does the translator give to the meaning of the title in the Forward?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Plot Structure

a. Discuss the plot structure of Kokoro. In what ways is the narrative related and what effect does this have on the reader?

b. How does Kokoro compare with other novels written during this time period? Are there specific stylistic elements that can be seen in Soseki’s writing?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Soseki’s letter to Sensei in Part II, My Parents and I. Does Soseki expect a response from Sensei? Does Soseki believe Sensei to be capable or willing to help him find employment? How does Soseki feel when he does not receive a reply?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss the character of Soseki’s mother in the novel. How old is Soseki’s mother in comparison with her husband? What levity does Soseki lend to his mother’s advice and opinions? How does Soseki’s mother compare with Shizu?

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