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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the narrator’s elder brother work?
(a) Hongo.
(b) Masagocho.
(c) Kyushu.
(d) Yedo.

2. What kind of nature does Sensei tell the narrator he has after they leave the tree nursery in Part I: Sensei and I?
(a) Vindictive.
(b) Cleverl.
(c) Repulsive.
(d) Arrogant.

3. Sensei’s wife tells the narrator that Sensei left how long ago to go to the cemetery in Part I: Sensei and I?
(a) 1 hour.
(b) 45 mintues.
(c) 10 minutes.
(d) 3 hours.

4. In what year did Natsume Soseki join the staff of the Fifth National College in Kumamoto?
(a) 1952.
(b) 1857.
(c) 1924.
(d) 1896.

5. By the end of what month is the narrator’s graduation thesis due in Part I: Sensei and I?
(a) April.
(b) February.
(c) July.
(d) September.

Short Answer Questions

1. General Nogi and who were the best-known heroes of the Russo-Japanese War?

2. How often does Sensei go to the cemetery to visit his friend’s grave?

3. Where is Sensei’s wife’s father from?

4. Where is the narrator’s fellow vacationing student friend at the beach from in Part I: Sensei and I?

5. Sensei tells the narrator that there is no such thing as what in this world in Part I: Sensei and I?

Short Essay Questions

1. What leads to Soseki’s return to Tokyo after staying with his parents in Part I, Sensei and I? What does Sensei tell him when he first visits after his return?

2. When and where was Kokoro first published? What insight does the translator give to the meaning of the title in the Forward?

3. What does the narrator tell Sensei of his father’s health when he returns to Tokyo in Part I, Sensei and I? How does Sensei respond?

4. Describe the setting of Kokoro. Where does most of the action in the novel take place?

5. Where does the narrator first see Sensei? How does he go about approaching him?

6. Who is the translator of Kokoro? What reasons does he give for his Soseki’s biographical information in the book’s Forward?

7. What does the author of the Forward say of Soseki Natsume’s education and works?

8. What does the novel’s translator write about the language in Kokoroin the Forward?

9. What does Sensei reveal about greed and betrayal in his past at the tree nursery in Part I, Sensei and I?

10. What financial advice does Sensei give Soseki in the tree nursery in Part I, Sensei and I?

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