Kokoro Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. In what city was the author, Soseki Natsume born, according to the foreword section?

Soseki was born in Tokyo, Japan, according to the text at the beginning of the book.

2. What was the educational background of Soseki according to the foreword section of the book "Kokoro"?

Soseki studied English literature at the Imperial University and then began to teach in Japan and in England, writing many novels.

3. What was the primary form of the writing that Soseki completed after his schooling according to the foreword?

Soseki wrote many novels, but none with more impact than KOKORO according to the foreword section.

4. After what significant event was KOKORO written according to the writing in the foreword section of the book?

KOKORO was written two years after the death of Emperor Meiji, an event mentioned in the story itself.

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