Kokoro Short Answer Test Questions

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Short Answer Questions

1. It was during the __________ era, which lasted from 1868 to 1912, that Japan emerged as a modern nation.

2. When the modern Japanese novel reached its maturity, true masters of the ____________ literary form began to appear.

3. Soseki was born in Tokyo in 1867, but what was the name of the city during the time of the author's birth?

4. Soseki was educated at ______________ University where he obtained his degree in English literature.

5. In 1900, where was Soseki sent in order to act as a governor scholar for his country?

6. What sort of lecturer did Soseki become at Imperial University when he succeeded Lafcadio Hearn?

7. In what year did Soseki write the novel, KOKORO, two years before his own death?

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