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Object Descriptions

Kamakura - This place is where Soseki is enjoying his summer holiday when he sees Sensei for the first time.

Tokyo - This is the city where the young men in the novel attend college and university.

Sensei's Family Home - Although this place has been in Sensei's family for generations, Sensei sells it when he learns about his uncle's deceit.

Ueno - Soseki and Sensei are taking a walk in this place during flowering season when a very affectionate couple draws their attention.

The Tree Nursery - This place is where Sensei questions Soseki about his family's wealth.

The University - This place is where Soseki attends school in Tokyo.

The Boardinghouse - Soseki lives in this place while in Tokyo.

Soseki's Family Home - Soseki remembers wanting Sensei to see this place when Sensei inquired about its architectural style.

Black Crepe - When Emperor Meiji...

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