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Lesson 1 (from Forward)


Kokoro is a novel by Japanese author Natsume Soseki. The novel tells the story of many individuals who long to appease loneliness, and of two men who attempt to assuage isolation through love but only find peace in death. In this lesson, students are introduced to the novel, will read the Forward by translator Edwin McClellan, and will research and discuss the biography and works of Natsume Soseki.


Reading Assignment: Allow students time in class to read the Forward of Kokoro, written by translator Edwin McClellan. (Alternatively, assign this as homework prior to this lesson). Ask students to take notes in their reading regarding the biography of the author and influences seen in Kokoro.

Research Activity: Students are to conduct research on author Natsume Soseki and the publication of the novel. When and where was Kokorofirst published? What is the meaning of the title? What...

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