Kokoro Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Sensei - This character loses his parents as a young man and is left to rely on his paternal uncle to manage his family's home and fortune.

K - When this character is a young boy, he is adopted out to an affluent doctor and his family.

Soseki - This character is a young man searching for answers to fill the emptiness he feels inside.

Sensei's Wife, Shizu (Ojosan) - This character worries over her husband's emotional state and isolation from society.

Sensei's Father - This character is a simple country gentleman who is dying of a kidney ailment.

Sensei's Uncle - This character is a businessman and former member of the assembly, is on the surface a trustworthy man.

Okusan - The widow of a soldier, this character lives with her daughter and maid.

Soseki's Mother, Omitsu - This character appears to be the more traditional...

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