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• Translator Edwin McClellan provides insight into Soseki Natsume’s Kokoro.

McClellan believes that by understanding Soseki Natsume, in addition to the prominent figures in the novel, the reader will gain better understanding of Sensei and his story.

• Soseki Natsume was born in Tokyo in 1867 and studied English literature at the Imperial University.

• After teaching in Japan and England, Soseki wrote many novels, but none with more impact than Kokoro. Korkoro was written in 1914, two years after the death of Emperor Meiji.

• Soseki expresses the loneliness individuals experience in a world of waning traditions.

Part I, Sensei and I (through page 21)

• Soseki sees Sensei on a beach in Kamakura and feels they have met before; Soseki anticipates the stranger's arrival at the beach each day.

• Soseki soon approaches Sensei and swims with him; Soseki is drawn to Sensei and visits him while they vacation.

• Soseki tries to visit...

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