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Chapter Abstracts


* Soseki was born in Tokyo and studied English literature.

* Soseki wrote many novels.

Part I, Sensei and I (through page 21)

* Soseki sees Sensei on a beach.

* Soseki and Sensei discuss why they're meeting with each other.

* Sensei admits he does not even trust himself.

Part I, Sensei and I (through page 42)

* Soseki and Sensei see an affectionate young couple.

* Soseki gets to know Sensei's wife and gains deeper insight into Sensei's attitude.

* When Sensei was at the university, his good friend died and he has been different ever since then.

Part I, My Parents and I (through 80)

* Soseki receives a letter informing him of his father's failing health.

* Soseki and his parents are initially happy together.

* Soseki visits Sensei to repay his loan.

* Sensei asks a question about Soseki's family's wealth.

* Soseki believes that Sensei withholds information.

* Soseki affirms that he is a true friend and Sensei...

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