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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Severo give Palinor to Fra Murta?
(a) To keep Fra Murta from killing a woman.
(b) He's angry about Beneditx.
(c) To advance his standing in the church.
(d) To show Beneditx what could happen to him.

2. What does Jamie find out about abandoned babies?
(a) It usually occurs when the mother dies.
(b) It is a common practice.
(c) It never happens.
(d) It is usually the father that makes the mother do it.

3. What does Amara say about the chapel?
(a) It is a bad place.
(b) It is peaceful.
(c) It is beautiful.
(d) It is too stuffy.

4. What is Palinor doing when Fra Murta comes upon him?
(a) Resting in a hammock.
(b) Having sex with Dolca.
(c) Eating dinner.
(d) Sleeping.

5. How does Severo feel about Fra Murta?
(a) He has a mild distaste towards him.
(b) He admires him.
(c) He believes he is a saint.
(d) He can't stand his company.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Severo do when Amara answers Fra Murta's second set of questions?

2. What does Severo do about Beneditx?

3. Where does Palinor go with Fra Murta?

4. What does Severo decide he used Amara for?

5. What does Fra Murta believe about Palinor's descriptions of Aclar?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize the discussion between Severo and Fra Murta about conscience and Palinor.

2. How does Fra Murta finally get Palinor?

3. Describe Severo's dream and what he sees is the moral in it.

4. What does Amara do after Jamie leaves her?

5. Why is Josefa pleased with the way Amara is thinking?

6. What does Severo hope about Fra Murta?

7. What does Severo say to Fra Murta to explain his behavior concerning Palinor? How does the Fra feel about it?

8. How does Severo feel about Fra Murta and why?

9. What happens with Beneditx?

10. What happened when Severo and Fra Murta question Amara for the second time?

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