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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Palinor wish he had not done?
(a) Had sex with Dolca and Joffre.
(b) Sent Joffre to the docks with a message for Aclar.
(c) Talked with Beneditx.
(d) Mentioned the name of God to Fra Murta.

2. Why does Severo insist that Palinor has not sinned?
(a) He is a king.
(b) He has followed his conscience.
(c) He has harmed no one.
(d) He is a kind and gentle man.

3. Why does Amara begin climbing the mountain?
(a) To run from Jamie.
(b) To see the ocean.
(c) To find her sister's grave.
(d) To follow a wolf's spoor.

4. What does Amara ask Josefa that shows she's thinking about more than what's in front of her?
(a) She asks what Josefa is thinking.
(b) She asks what's for dinner that night.
(c) She asks if they can find her sister.
(d) She asks if Josefa is married.

5. How does Severo feel about Fra Murta?
(a) He can't stand his company.
(b) He believes he is a saint.
(c) He has a mild distaste towards him.
(d) He admires him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rafal do to fulfill the task Severo gave him?

2. Where will Jamie take Amara?

3. What does Palinor say about his fall from the ship?

4. Why do the nuns decide to investigate Amara?

5. Where is Palinor confined by Fra Murta?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Palinor is tortured?

2. Describe Severo's night the night before Palinor is burned.

3. Describe Severo's dream and what he sees is the moral in it.

4. What does Jamie do when he comes for Amara and what does he do with her?

5. Why does Severo say the experiment with Amara is void?

6. What does Sor Agnete realize about the crucifix in the chapel?

7. What does Eseranca say about Palinor?

8. What does Severo hope about Fra Murta?

9. What do the nuns believe about Amara and what do they do about it?

10. What does Fra Murta tell Severo about Aclar?

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