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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Severo's dream important to him?
(a) He sees it as a symbol of his rising status.
(b) He sees it as an allegory for Beneditx.
(c) He sees it as a comment on how he treated Palinor.
(d) He sees it as a metaphor for Amara.

2. Why are the nuns distressed?
(a) Amara has run away.
(b) For sheltering a murderess.
(c) Josefa is returning home.
(d) Severo is shutting down the convent.

3. Who is the only person who ends up escaping all the consequences of Palinor's death?
(a) Beneditx.
(b) Amara.
(c) Severo.
(d) Fra Murta.

4. Who did the Christian encounter in Severo's dream?
(a) Fra Murta.
(b) A Saracen prince.
(c) An angel with a flaming sword.
(d) St. Augustine.

5. To what fire is Fra Murta referring?
(a) The fire in the next world.
(b) The fire that kills Palinor.
(c) The fire in the tavern.
(d) The fire at the blacksmith's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jamie say Amara can be for work?

2. What does Jamie find out about abandoned babies?

3. Why does Rafal tell Severo he can no longer serve him?

4. What was unusual about Amara's birth?

5. What does Severo feel about the shedding of blood?

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