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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beneditx tell Severo.
(a) That he has finished his task.
(b) That he is leaving for England.
(c) That Palinor now believes in God.
(d) That Palinor has convinced him.

2. What has Palinor the most afraid?
(a) Being decapitated.
(b) Not believing in God.
(c) Dying in fire.
(d) Not paying his debts.

3. What did Dolca spend the money from Severo on?
(a) A small house on the coast.
(b) A substance that emits a lethal fume when burned.
(c) A good last meal for Palinor.
(d) A fine robe for Palinor to wear while he died.

4. How does Galceran show he may have exposed Amara to God?
(a) Praying within range of her hearing.
(b) Telling her the Lord's Prayer.
(c) Taking her to a chapel.
(d) Cursing at her.

5. What does Severo do about Beneditx?
(a) Sends him to Rome.
(b) Sends him back to Galilea.
(c) Has him try again with Palinor.
(d) Has him arrested for heresy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jamie go to search for Amara's mother?

2. Why does Severo send Rafal away?

3. From where have Joffre and Dolca walked?

4. Why is Esperanca confused about Palinor?

5. What does Fra Murta say will make Palinor confess his sins?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the servants at Saracen's house demand of Fra Murta?

2. What happens with Beneditx?

3. What do the nuns believe about Amara and what do they do about it?

4. What does Eseranca say about Palinor?

5. How does Severo feel about Fra Murta and why?

6. What does Rafal tell Severo and what does Severo do?

7. What does Palinor think about as far as writings of St. Augustine?

8. What does Sor Agnete realize about the crucifix in the chapel?

9. What does Amara do after Jamie leaves her?

10. Describe Severo's night the night before Palinor is burned.

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