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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the greatest task ever asked of the nuns at Sant Clara?
(a) Letting Josefa take different vows from the rest of them.
(b) Allowing a young boy to live at the nunnery.
(c) Caring for Amara.
(d) Obeying men who do not know about them as individuals.

2. Who does Palinor say he is?
(a) A king in his own country.
(b) A physician.
(c) A prince in his own country.
(d) A lawyer.

3. What does Severo wonder as he lies on his pallet?
(a) Who he is.
(b) Why Palinor is there.
(c) Who God really is.
(d) Why Beneditx has not been successful with Palinor.

4. From where is Palinor?
(a) Catalina.
(b) Aclar.
(c) Atlantis.
(d) Islamorada.

5. What do Severo and Beneditx debate?
(a) The issue of Palinor's lack of belief in God.
(b) Whether the wolf child deserves baptism.
(c) Why God created them.
(d) How many angels can sit on the head of a pin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do they decide to send Palinor?

2. What does Jaime question?

3. What does Palinor tell Dolca she can do?

4. What is one problem about Amara as far as the nuns are concerned?

5. What do two fishermen see as they are mending their nets?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Palinor travel to find help and what does the prefect observe about him?

2. Who rescues Palinor and how did they do it?

3. What does Severo decide to do with the wolf girl?

4. What happened to Amara that put her into her present condition when brought back to the Abbey?

5. What about Gaspar and his life does Severo think of while he is riding to see Palinor?

6. What does Severo think about as he falls asleep the first night of visiting Palinor and Beneditx?

7. How does Amara get away from the convent?

8. Why is Beneditx angry and what does he remember about his mother's anger?

9. Where is Palinor staying in Cuidad and what does Beneditx do about Palinor?

10. Who is waiting for Severo when he returns home?

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