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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Severo insist that Palinor has not sinned?
(a) He is a kind and gentle man.
(b) He is a king.
(c) He has followed his conscience.
(d) He has harmed no one.

2. Why are the nuns distressed?
(a) Josefa is returning home.
(b) Severo is shutting down the convent.
(c) For sheltering a murderess.
(d) Amara has run away.

3. Where is Palinor confined by Fra Murta?
(a) In a cell with no windows.
(b) In the city jail.
(c) In a deep dungeon.
(d) In the church basement.

4. Why is Palinor bound with cordeles and garrotes?
(a) He has people coming to rescue him.
(b) He beat one of the guards.
(c) He refuses to confess.
(d) He has confessed his heresy.

5. What does Fra Murta demand of the nuns?
(a) They quit feeding Amara meat.
(b) They cast Amara out.
(c) They teach Amara more language.
(d) They kill Amara.

6. Where do many mothers leave their babies?
(a) At the church.
(b) At the tavern.
(c) At the hospital.
(d) At the doctors.

7. What does Severo say settled the question about Palinor's knowledge of God?
(a) The fact that he is from another country.
(b) Beneditx's long conversations with him.
(c) His honesty and integrity.
(d) Amara not knowing about God.

8. What do Fra Murta's minions force Palinor to do?
(a) Go to his knees.
(b) Take communion.
(c) Wear a black hood.
(d) Straddle a large log with his hands bound.

9. What do the people in Ciudad do when Palinor arrives?
(a) Fighting Fra Murta's men.
(b) Spitting in his face.
(c) Throwing rotten fruit at him.
(d) Lining the streets praying for him.

10. What does Palinor wish he had not done?
(a) Talked with Beneditx.
(b) Mentioned the name of God to Fra Murta.
(c) Had sex with Dolca and Joffre.
(d) Sent Joffre to the docks with a message for Aclar.

11. Why is Severo's dream important to him?
(a) He sees it as a symbol of his rising status.
(b) He sees it as a metaphor for Amara.
(c) He sees it as an allegory for Beneditx.
(d) He sees it as a comment on how he treated Palinor.

12. What does Rafal do to fulfill the task Severo gave him?
(a) Finds Jamie.
(b) Rounds up everyone who was near Amara.
(c) Makes a general proclamation.
(d) Goes to the abbey and speak to Josefa.

13. What do Severo and Fra Murta find out about Amara's knowledge of God?
(a) It is wise and profound.
(b) It is deeply buried.
(c) It does not exist.
(d) It is simple faith, like a child.

14. What is Palinor doing when Fra Murta comes upon him?
(a) Having sex with Dolca.
(b) Eating dinner.
(c) Resting in a hammock.
(d) Sleeping.

15. Why is Esperanca confused about Palinor?
(a) That he is in prison.
(b) That he is not a king.
(c) That he has given her gold and diamonds.
(d) That he did not go home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palinor say about his fall from the ship?

2. Why does Severo examine the map?

3. How does Severo feel about Fra Murta?

4. After being tortured what does Palinor say to Fra Murta?

5. Why does Severo give Palinor to Fra Murta?

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