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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Palinor wonder about as he waits for the morning?
(a) How Severo will kill him before the fire.
(b) Whether all the people on the island will be killed.
(c) Why his ships have not returned for him.
(d) Why Severo turned him over to Fra Murta.

2. Where is Palinor confined by Fra Murta?
(a) In a deep dungeon.
(b) In the city jail.
(c) In a cell with no windows.
(d) In the church basement.

3. What does Severo decide he used Amara for?
(a) To entrap God.
(b) To condemn Palinor.
(c) To farther his own status.
(d) To keep the nuns busy.

4. What was unusual about Amara's birth?
(a) She was born to a whore.
(b) Her mother died when she was born.
(c) She wasn't born on the island.
(d) She was a twin.

5. What does Severo say settled the question about Palinor's knowledge of God?
(a) His honesty and integrity.
(b) Beneditx's long conversations with him.
(c) The fact that he is from another country.
(d) Amara not knowing about God.

6. What kind of cell does Beneditx retreat to?
(a) Deeper and darker.
(b) The cell in the basement.
(c) One with a window.
(d) The top floor cell.

7. What does Beneditx tell Palinor when he says it's impossible to know if God exists?
(a) That nothing is impossible.
(b) That Palinor needs to get out of his head.
(c) That God just won't give him faith.
(d) That could cost him his life.

8. What do Fra Murta's minions force Palinor to do?
(a) Wear a black hood.
(b) Straddle a large log with his hands bound.
(c) Take communion.
(d) Go to his knees.

9. Why does Taddeo want Josefa to return home?
(a) Margalida has died.
(b) He likes her cooking better than his wife's.
(c) He has a husband for her.
(d) Her brothers miss her.

10. Why is Severo allowed into Palinor's cell?
(a) He said he was sent by God.
(b) He knows the jailer.
(c) He showed his ordination ring.
(d) He was sent by Fra Murta.

11. What does Fra Murta do while on the island?
(a) He listens to Severo.
(b) He writes a jounal.
(c) He preaches from parish to parish.
(d) He reads and studies.

12. What does Rafal do to fulfill the task Severo gave him?
(a) Finds Jamie.
(b) Goes to the abbey and speak to Josefa.
(c) Rounds up everyone who was near Amara.
(d) Makes a general proclamation.

13. What did Dolca spend the money from Severo on?
(a) A small house on the coast.
(b) A good last meal for Palinor.
(c) A fine robe for Palinor to wear while he died.
(d) A substance that emits a lethal fume when burned.

14. Why does Fra Murta have a blacksmith with him when he visits Palinor?
(a) To make him ankle manacles.
(b) To fit him with a neck iron.
(c) To chain his hands together.
(d) To cut off his manacles.

15. Why is Palinor at the blacksmith's shop?
(a) To have a sword made.
(b) To get his manacles taken off.
(c) To get his horse shod.
(d) Discussing a machine to pump water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Amara keep climbing?

2. What does Severo suggest to Palinor?

3. What does Beneditx tell Palinor about his idea of nonbelievers?

4. Who did the Christian encounter in Severo's dream?

5. What does Amara say when asked about her twin?

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