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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Severo send Palinor?
(a) Back to the fishing village.
(b) To Rome.
(c) To his home.
(d) The Saracen's House, a luxurious dwelling about two-hour's ride from Cuidad.

2. What does Amara do with the salt water on her body?
(a) Takes a bath.
(b) Licks it.
(c) Breaks out.
(d) Wipes it off.

3. What is one of Beneditx's outstanding characteristics?
(a) Ignorance.
(b) Arrogance.
(c) Intelligence.
(d) Humility.

4. What does Palinor say is proof of what is?
(a) The way the wind can be felt but not seen.
(b) There is no proof of what is.
(c) The way flowers grow.
(d) What people can see, taste, touch, and smell.

5. Why is Beneditx angry?
(a) That Palinor laughs at him.
(b) That his intellectual pride has been so great and yet his mind has been useless.
(c) That Palinor refuses to convert.
(d) That Severo is removing Beneditx from Palinor's presence.

6. What does Gillem offer to do?
(a) To kill Amara.
(b) To kill the rapists.
(c) To carry Amara to the pen the nuns have for her.
(d) To take Amara to his home.

7. Where are they going to send Palinor?
(a) To the Cuidad.
(b) Back to his country.
(c) To the Praefect.
(d) To the gallows.

8. What does Palinor have at home?
(a) A palace.
(b) Several children though his wife is dead.
(c) A grandson.
(d) A wife and son.

9. What does Josefa notice about Amara?
(a) She is growing into her head.
(b) She is eager to please now.
(c) She is different from Josefa's younger brothers.
(d) She is very talkative to all the nuns.

10. What does Amara ask Josefa?
(a) Why Josefa never prays like the other nuns.
(b) If she can be free.
(c) To go back to the sea to collect mussels.
(d) If there is a God.

11. What makes Josefa happy about Amara's question?
(a) That Amara can observe the difference between what Josefa does and what the other nuns do.
(b) That Amara is curious about God.
(c) That Amara remembers the past.
(d) That Amara understands the idea of being free.

12. What does Palinor wonder about his wife?
(a) If he left her intentionally.
(b) If she is still alive.
(c) If he has another woman.
(d) If she thinks he is dead or if she has taken up with his cousin.

13. Why is Dolca afraid?
(a) She does not usually read in front of anyone.
(b) She is a virgin.
(c) She is afraid she will get in trouble for writing Palinor's wife.
(d) She is not afraid.

14. What does Josefa realize about God?
(a) God is in every little particle.
(b) She does not miss thinking about God.
(c) God does not know Amara.
(d) God does not exist.

15. About what do the villagers tease Esperanca?
(a) About her son's tendency to wander for days without working.
(b) About her fixing some clothing for the village idiot.
(c) About her desire to learn to read and write.
(d) About a reward she is expecting from Palinor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jaime worried?

2. What does Severo decide to do with the wolf child?

3. What does the priest tell the Mother Superior?

4. What does Jaime question?

5. How does Amara scare away the group?

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