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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Beneditx doing?
(a) Writing a treatise on angels.
(b) Praying 24 hours a day.
(c) Making holy water.
(d) Baptizing animals.

2. Where does Severo send Palinor?
(a) To his home.
(b) To Rome.
(c) The Saracen's House, a luxurious dwelling about two-hour's ride from Cuidad.
(d) Back to the fishing village.

3. Why has Jaime come to Sant Clara?
(a) To ask if Amara can go free.
(b) To ask if he can take Amara home.
(c) To see Amara.
(d) To ask for prayers for his wife.

4. What is it that they find in a cave?
(a) A rabid wolf.
(b) A lion and cubs.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A wild child.

5. What does Palinor do?
(a) Leaves Joffre and Dolca alone in Palinor's bed.
(b) Apologizes to Joffre.
(c) Hits Joffre.
(d) Has Joffre and Dolca in bed with him having sex.

6. What does Palinor say truth is like?
(a) The sky.
(b) Many rivers.
(c) A mountain.
(d) The ocean.

7. What are the men doing at the snow house?
(a) Melting the snow.
(b) Making wine.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Making snow blocks.

8. What does Amara do with the salt water on her body?
(a) Breaks out.
(b) Takes a bath.
(c) Licks it.
(d) Wipes it off.

9. Why is Jaime worried?
(a) He is not baptized.
(b) He is afraid the wild child will not be baptized.
(c) He lied to a priest.
(d) His sheep are still missing.

10. Who ends up caring for Amara?
(a) The nuns rotate turns.
(b) An elderly nun named Maria.
(c) The mother superior.
(d) Josefa.

11. What does Amara ask Josefa?
(a) To go back to the sea to collect mussels.
(b) If she can be free.
(c) Why Josefa never prays like the other nuns.
(d) If there is a God.

12. Who diagnoses Amara?
(a) A nun trained as a nurse.
(b) A country medicine man.
(c) A famous Jewish physician.
(d) Josefa.

13. Where do they decide to send Palinor?
(a) To Rome.
(b) To prison again.
(c) To Severo.
(d) To Constantinople.

14. What does Severo encounter at the entrance to his home?
(a) Amara who has run away from the nunnery.
(b) A group of soldiers.
(c) A group of shepherds.
(d) A new fountain.

15. With what chores is Amara helping the nuns?
(a) She kneads bread, feeds the farm animals, and cards wool.
(b) She can knead bread, feed the farm animals, and card wool, sew and cook.
(c) She can sweep the floor; that's about it.
(d) Nothing yet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palinor tell Dolca she can do?

2. What does the shepherd tell the men at the snow house?

3. What does Severo wonder as he lies on his pallet?

4. What does Palinor need?

5. Who sends a priest for the child?

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