Knowledge of Angels Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the author ask the reader to think about the island? What would those thoughts reveal?

The reader is asked to think about the island and what it looks like from above. This view would reveal orchards and towns, mountains and valleys. This vantage point would be more like what angels see rather than islanders, and the reader's position is compared to that of an angel who hovers above and sees everything. The time when this story is set is "the time of angels."

2. What is the creature, the nervados, tracked doing when they see it and what happens in the first few minutes?

The creature is feasting on a lamb hock and doesn't hear the group enter its cave. Galceran raises his weapon to kill it, letting out a bloodthirsty yell. As Galceran swings at the creature, Jaime yanks Galceran's sleeve and deflects the blow.

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