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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fra Murta demand of the nuns?
(a) They teach Amara more language.
(b) They kill Amara.
(c) They cast Amara out.
(d) They quit feeding Amara meat.

2. Why does Jamie's mother suggest it was a whore who birthed Amara?
(a) She would be too ashamed to leave the baby at the church.
(b) She would have not husband to help her.
(c) She would get in trouble for unmarried sex.
(d) That all whores do that.

3. What has Palinor the most afraid?
(a) Dying in fire.
(b) Not paying his debts.
(c) Being decapitated.
(d) Not believing in God.

4. Why is Severo's dream important to him?
(a) He sees it as a metaphor for Amara.
(b) He sees it as an allegory for Beneditx.
(c) He sees it as a comment on how he treated Palinor.
(d) He sees it as a symbol of his rising status.

5. What does Severo say when he hears about Galceran?
(a) He shouldn't have prayed in front of her.
(b) The experiment is void.
(c) He shouldn't curse in God's name.
(d) He should be brought in for questioning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What vow does Josefa break?

2. How is the reversal of roles succeeding between Beneditx and Palinor?

3. Why does Rafal tell Severo he can no longer serve him?

4. What does Palinor wish he had not done?

5. Why is Dolca afraid?

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