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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jaime worried?
(a) His sheep are still missing.
(b) He is not baptized.
(c) He lied to a priest.
(d) He is afraid the wild child will not be baptized.

2. What does Palinor invite Severo to do?
(a) To send Palinor home before he changes everything at Severo's home.
(b) To hire him to make more changes to his gardens.
(c) To baptize Palinor in the fountain.
(d) To bathe in the fountain to wash off the dirt from the trip.

3. Why does Severo give Palinor to Fra Murta?
(a) He's angry about Beneditx.
(b) To keep Fra Murta from killing a woman.
(c) To show Beneditx what could happen to him.
(d) To advance his standing in the church.

4. Why does Beneditx say his faith is gone?
(a) He realizes he never really believed.
(b) His reasoning upon which is was based was faulty.
(c) He thinks the world is too ugly to have been created by God.
(d) He thinks the church murders people.

5. What does Severo tell Fra Murta is the reason he didn't follow procedure with Palinor?
(a) He didn't explain his actions.
(b) He likes Palinor too much.
(c) He wants Beneditx to have practice on Palinor.
(d) He's performing an experiment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Pare Aldonza relieved of her duties at the convent?

2. Why is Severo allowed into Palinor's cell?

3. What is the greatest task ever asked of the nuns at Sant Clara?

4. Where do many mothers leave their babies?

5. From where is Palinor?

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